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Welcome to Tidewater Consulting, Inc. 


Established in 1998, Tidewater is a full service firm, offering lobbying services, policy advocacy, and regulatory and administrative assistance.  Tidewater’s history and track record place it among the finest of professional, high-quality Tallahassee firms.


Tidewater has created a tradition of exceeding customer expectations.  Our passion for providing an excellent customer experience is exemplified in every action of the process from proposal to client service delivery.

The firm’s members are uniquely qualified to represent clients through proven experience, unrivaled contacts in Florida’s government and extensive ties to many areas throughout Florida.  


Tidewater’s members possess a wealth of political knowledge and experience including Legislative and Executive Branch lobbying, campaign coordination and management, grassroots issue campaigns and political strategizing.   The diverse and varied backgrounds of the team lend Tidewater insight into issues affecting its clients and the ability to craft innovative solutions.


Tidewater enjoys excellent relationships with the leadership of the Florida Senate and House of Representatives, as well as with the membership in general.  In addition, Tidewater has long-standing affiliations with members of Florida’s Cabinet and with the Governor’s Department and Agency heads. 


Additionally, Tidewater has notable relations with key personnel in the Governor’s office, as well as the Governor himself.  We continually bolster our knowledge of state government by cultivating associations with new Legislative members and their staff, along with governmental agencies’ heads and staff. These relationships are an important component to successfully serving our clients.

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115 East Park Avenue Unit 1
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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